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Free Faux Calligraphy Practice Sheets

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Fauxligraphy can really come in handy when you want to get that brush lettered look, but you don’t have access to a brush pen. Grab these free faux calligraphy practice sheets to learn how!

faux calligraphy worksheets mockup

Believe it or not, I actually learned the art of “brush lettering” by using the faux calligraphy method. I didn’t have any brush tips pens, but I wanted so badly to learn brush calligraphy. To help you learn fauxligraphy, I created some free faux calligraphy worksheets to help you practice! Subscribe to the freebie library to get yours!

With any of my free practice sheets, these are for personal use only. That means use them as much as you want for yourself, but please do not redistribute them in any way shape or form. Read more about that here.

lowercase faux calligraphy practice sheets

These fauxligraphy practice sheets are great to use with any writing utensil, but my favorites are these Gelly Roll gel pens. They seem to just glide across the paper. Of course you can also save these practice sheets to your iPad to practice in the Procreate app. Either save the PDF to your iPad files, or a simple method is to take a screenshot of each page. Then just add each screenshot in as a new layer in Procreate. EASY!

lowercase faux calligraphy practice sheet on ipad

To download your free faux calligraphy practice sheets, you’ll need to subscribe to the freebie library. Sign up below with your name and email address, and once you’ve confirmed your subscription (IT’S FREE!) you’ll be sent an email with the access instructions. Simple as that!

Not only will you get these faux brush lettering practice sheets, you’ll also get access to every freebie offered on this site, as well as some member-only goodies.

To learn more about Faux Calligraphy, read this post here, and check out my video below.

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