Sketchbar Mirror Paper Pad Review

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An honest written review of the new Mirror Paper Pad from Sketchmarker ( and their artist pens.

overhead view of Sketchbar The Mirror Paper Pad

The Mirror Paper Pad from Sketchbar

Recently I was sent a new paper pad from Sketchbar called “The Mirror” to test out and share my thoughts. I was also sent a set of their new artist pens with the new paper pad and Aqua markers in the past. Here are my thoughts after using the paper for a few projects.

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sample markers on Sketchbar Mirror Paper Pad

The Mirror Paper Details

This information comes directly from the Sketchbar website on the product listing for the mirror marker paper pad.

Each pad comes with 30 double-sided sheets of paper that are meant to be used with dry media, heavy markers and even spray paint. The paper is a heavy 220gsm and 135lb with 3 layers, 2 paper and a middle layer that doesn’t allow ink to bleed through. The paper is also a nice crisp white, and acid-free with little tooth. That means great for sensitive brush pens.

Plant good thoughts faux calligraphy on a rainbow backround

Here are some of the questions I was asked, and questions I asked myself about the new Sketchbar Mirror Paper.

Yes! The multiple types of markers I have tried on the new mirror paper pad have not bled through to the other side. I’ve tried water based brush markers, india ink fine liners and alcohol markers so far, and none have bled through. Even multiple layers of marker!

So far so good! The paper has a little more tooth than my most favorite marker paper pad, Canson lettering marker paper, but I think this new mirror paper pad from Sketchbar is a good competitor to that. I have not noticed excess wear on my brush pen tips.

The Sketchbar Mirror Paper pad comes in 5.82” X 8.26” and 8.27″ X 11.69″ sizes that range from $11-$16 US. That’s a very competitive price to other popular brands.

I do not recommend using this paper for marker blending with water, as that is not the intended use for this type of paper. Dry blending with a blender brush does work OK, but I also do not recommend heavy blending.

What I don’t like about the Mirror Paper from Sketchbar

With any honest review, I have to give my cons. There is just one thing I’ve noticed with the paper that could be a drawback for some, and that is the paper does not hold up well to multiple layers of marker. For me, this is perfectly fine as many of my art pieces are lettering or line art, which requires little layering. However, if you create a lot of layered pieces it may not hold up as well.

Pink Blue and Purple line art on a brush marker background

Review Summary

In all, I think the Sketchbar Mirror Paper pad is a great tool to have in your art arsenal! It’s affordable, truly double-sided, and works well with multiple types of pens and markers! Plus I love that this paper is a bright, crisp white. No yellow hue to it at all.

For a limited time, you can snag your paper pad for 15% off. Use the code BYAMANDAKAY at checkout to get your discount.

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