How to Find Time to Practice Lettering

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So you want to learn how to hand letter, but you think you’re too busy and will never have time? Then you need to read these helpful tips for how to find time to practice lettering. Some of them may surprise you!

Make time for hand lettering

4 Ways to Make Time for Lettering Practice

#1 Get up earlier or go to bed later

Ok so I know it’s very important to get plenty of sleep, but if you can get up 30 minutes earlier than you normally do, you can use that time for lettering practice. The same rings true with staying up an extra 30 minutes in the evening.

If you aren’t your best first thing in the morning (who really is?), then I suggest still doing those things you normally do first thing in the morning, and then use the extra 30 minutes you gained to practice lettering when you are finished.

Letter now sleep later brush lettering art.

For me, my mornings involve feeding our animals (must do this first thing or one of our cats will not stop yowling), making coffee, tidying up the kitchen, and a little bit of Yoga. When I finally go to my desk in the mornings with my cup of coffee I generally have about 30-45 minutes before I start working. I use this time to fill in my bullet journal, make a to-do list, and just plan for the day. I could easily squeeze in some time for lettering practice if I woke 30 minutes earlier.

#2 Make every list or note an opportunity to practice

This one gave me a real aha moment when I was learning how to letter. Lettering grocery lists, to-do lists, and in my bullet journal was a great way to get practice time in and have the extra excitement of a “real world” lettering challenge. Meaning I was writing actual day to day words and phrases and not just using practice sheets with the alphabet.

Hand lettered grocery list example

Another great way to practice lettering in your everyday writing is by addressing birthday or greeting cards with your new calligraphy style lettering. Or if you are sending out invites for a gathering, use it there!

#3 Practice while watching TV

This one might be a little more difficult for everyone to do, but if you have the opportunity you should seize it! If you aren’t a TV watcher in the evenings, you can skip to the next tip!

I am fortunate that our living room and dining room face each other, so I can see the TV from our dining room table. I can sit at our table and practice lettering while still feeling like I’m spending time with my husband and listening to the TV with him.

I also purchased a lap desk recently to make iPad lettering easier. The one I purchased is just your normal bean bag type on the bottom with a flat surface on the top similar to this. If you get a nice sturdy one you could easily use it with pen and paper!

#4 Put a pen in your hand every idle chance you have

Ok, maybe you’re thinking you don’t have a lot of idle time in your life, but I bet you’d be surprised at how often you actually do have time to letter. Back before COVID, I’d always tell busy moms to pick up a pen and paper while they were waiting for their kiddos in the school line.

Do you spend a lot of time mindlessly scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Put the phone down and grab your practice sheets instead!

brush strokes practice

Have some time while you are waiting for dinner to bake? Yep, grab that pen and practice. Maybe write out the recipe you are preparing and make it look like a work of art!

Waiting on your car to get the oil changed? Bring a notebook and pen or pencil with you. You can easily get some faux calligraphy practice in while you wait!

These are just a few examples, but I bet if you actually look at the time you are spending in a day waiting on something or writing something in general, you’ll find extra time to practice your lettering.

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