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Free Printable Summer Brush Lettering Practice Sheets

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Get in the mood for warmer weather by snagging these free Summer Brush Lettering Practice sheets. Perfect for beginners or those just wanting a little bit of extra brush lettering practice, these Summer words practice sheets are completely free to download.

free summer lettering practice sheets for brush pens

Summer will be here soon! Why not brush up on your Summer lettering with these free practice sheets? Whether you’ve been lettering for awhile or you are just starting to learn, practice sheets are always helpful! In fact, each week I make it a point to do just some basic drills with upstrokes and downstrokes, loops and flourishes. Practice only makes you better so there’s no such thing as being too advanced to use these Summer lettering sheets.

With any of my free practice sheetsI recommend printing them on a very smooth printer paper like this one. These Summer practice sheets are great to use with a small tip brush pen, like the tombow fudenosuke soft tip (the hard tip is available in colors now!) I always recommend this brush for beginners because it’s pretty easy to control. I personally like the stiffer tip, but the soft tip is great for these Summer words lettering sheets.

Read more about the best paper for brush lettering and my favorite hand lettering supplies.

summer words brush lettering practice sheets

You can use these Summer lettering practice sheets on your iPad with the Procreate app too if you’d prefer to get more practice in that way. Take a screen shot on your iPad of each page and open them up in a new document within Procreate. From there, reduce the opacity of the image and add a new layer on top! Then you can practice as much as you want!

summer lettering practice sheets

With any of the freebies here on the blog, these Summer brush lettering practice sheets are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute, sell or reproduce in any manner. For more on my policies, read more here.

To get free lettering worksheets

To download your free practice sheets, you’ll need to subscribe to the freebie library. Sign up below with your name and email address. Once you’ve CONFIRMED your subscription (IT’S TOTALLY FREE!) you’ll be sent an email with the link and password to the subscriber library.

Not only will you get these lettering practice sheets, you’ll also get access to every freebie offered on this site, as well as some member only goodies.

Need some help getting started brush lettering?

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free printable summer lettering practice sheets

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  1. Getting your freebies is impossible, I have never been to a more convoluted website. All I want is to brush up on my writing skills for my personal journal, I subscribed, checked for the email confirming it, I clicked on the freebie sheets, multiple times, and NOTHING! Bummer.

    1. Hello. I’m sorry you are obviously frustrated here. I see that you have signed up on the email list but have not confirmed your subscription unless you have used another email address than what is provided with your comment. Can you please explain to me what exact issue you are having? I have checked every single freebie and each goes to the DropBox page to download. Sometimes you may have a pop-up blocker enabled that is preventing the DropBox page to load. You can email me amanda at byamandakay dot com for further assistance.

  2. Hello, Iam having trouble with the website too. It’s not clearly marked where to download and I don’t even see the. Free brush at all. Please help!

    1. Where it says “To download your free Summer brush lettering practice sheets, you’ll need to subscribe to the freebie library. Sign up below with your name and email address, and once you’ve confirmed your subscription (IT’S FREE!) you’ll be sent an email with the access instructions.” Right below that is an email subscribe image where you can put in your name and email. Once you subscribe you’ll be sent the information to access the library where these printable practice sheets are.

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