Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies Perfect for Beginners

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These are some of my favorite bullet journal supplies that are perfect for those just starting out!

best bullet journal supplies for beginners

I have been using a bullet journal for just over a year now and have accumulated a few supplies when it comes to using one. This is a list of some of my favorite bullet journal supplies that are both affordable and easy to access.


I haven’t tried out very many journals, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Right now I am using a Lemome Dot Grid Journal and I am pretty happy with it! The pages are fairly thick so ghosting and bleed through are minimal. It’s also very affordable in comparison to other popular journals. The only downsides are that the pages are not numbered, and they are an off white color. There is a single ribbon bookmark and an elastic band to keep the notebook closed. I also like that there is a small envelope in the back to keep stencils or a ruler. The pages and book also lie flat which is a plus!

Why I switched to bullet journal

I’ve also used just a $5 dot grid journal from Michael’s, and for the price the paper quality is pretty good! There isn’t a ton of ghosting or bleed through, although there is more than with the Lemome. The pages are also white, but still not numbered. It doesn’t lie flat when opened which did get a bit annoying. Otherwise, for just starting out, I would highly recommend it because of the cost!

my favorite bullet journal supplies


My favorite go to pens for my bullet journal are Sharpie Pens, Stabilos and PaperMate Inkjoy GEL pens. I rarely use anything else when it comes to writing in my bujo. For traveling with my bujo, I take these mini Stabilo fineliners. They are the perfect size to stick in my bag!

my favorite bullet journal supplies

Some other pens and markers I use for adding color and highlights are the Zebra Mildliners, Tombow Twin Tones, and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. These pens cause minimal ghosting in my Lemome journal, so I like to stick with them. My favorite brush pens to use in the Lemome journal are Tombow Dual Brush Tip, Tombow Fudenosuke and Faber Castell Pitt Brush pens, as they also have minimal ghosting or bleed through.


I don’t use a lot of stencils in my bullet journal currently, but on occasion I will pull them out. I have this set that sees a little bit of use, and I recently purchased this helix 360 stencil. It comes in handy for drawing any kind of perfect circle, as well as for making a basic outline for drawing a wreath or making a moon mood tracker. There’s a lot of possibilities!

Why I switched to bullet journal


I used to be a Happy Planner girl, so I have accumulated SO MANY STICKERS. They are great to use in my bullet journal for decoration or encouragement. I also use washi tape to create columns, or to add to the edge of my monthly spreads. That way I can find locate them easily. Washi tape is fairly affordable and comes in so many different patterns and sizes!


my favorite bullet journal supplies

I don’t have specific bullet journal supplies storage, but I do have my pens, stencils, washi tape and stickers all organized within my office. My favorite way to store all of my pens are in these clear storage drawers from Michael’s. If you don’t have a Michael’s, these on Amazon are similar. I keep my stickers in a photo storage box for easy access. It’s also great to keep loose stickers from getting lost or separated from the pack. Read this post for how I keep my washi tape stored, and this one on all my brush lettering supplies (which goes hand in hand with bullet journaling in my opinion!).


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my favorite bullet journal supplies perfect for beginners

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