5 Myths About Bullet Journaling

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Have you told yourself any of these 5 myths about bullet journaling and they are holding you back? 

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Maybe you are looking to start a bullet journal, but you’ve heard some of these common misconceptions that are holding you back. I’m here to help eliminate these myths and get you started on the right track to bullet journaling.

Before we dive into these common myths about bujos, it is important to note that while these 5 things are most definitely not true when it comes to starting a bullet journal, you do still have to do the work. And by work, I mean USE the bullet journal. Sure it’s fine to skip a day here and there, or forget to log some habits, but for the most part the bullet journal will only work if you are willing to use it! Of course that is one of the perks. If it’s not working for you, it’s easy to change up what you are doing and recreate the bullet journal to suit your needs.

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5 Common Myths about Bullet Journaling

#1 You have to be organized to bullet journal

Nope! Bullet Journals help you become more organized, but you do not need to be organized to start one!

I am most definitely NOT an organized person. You should see the state of my office as I am writing this blog post. My art desk is littered with school books, brush pens, scraps of paper and a coffee cup that really needs to be washed like yesterday. My computer desk is not in any better shape either, and let’s not get started on the closet.

But while my physical space is less than tidy, my bullet journal is saying “I got you girl” when it comes to my daily tasks and appointments. See what I mean? You don’t have to be an organized person to bullet journal, but a bullet journal will help you become more organized. At least for those to-dos!

2020 year at a glance spread

#2 You have to be artistic to start a bullet journal

Again that’s one big fat NOPE! Bullet journals do not have to be filled with beautiful drawings, or have themed monthly spreads. In fact, minimalistic bullet journals are my favorite types of bujos. They are just simple headlines, grids and no fuss, bulleted layouts. If you have a ruler and pen, you can bullet journal.

Adding an artistic flair to your bullet journal is a fun bonus, but definitely not a necessity. Start with just adding a bit of color at first if you aren’t intrigued by the minimalist look. Try not to lose yourself in all of the beautiful, artsy bujo spreads out there and focus on the functionality. If at a later time you want to add little doodles, DO IT and who cares if you can’t draw? It’s your bullet journal!

tombow dual brush markers on display

#3 You have to spend a lot of money on supplies

You can spend as much or as little as you’d like when it comes to starting a bullet journal. In fact, you could take a half used up spiral bound notebook you have lying around, a regular ball point pen (or just a pencil) and get started RIGHT NOW. Look, that cost you nothing because you had the stuff already.

However, if you are a teensy bit like me and feel like you HAVE to get a new journal you can still do it without spending a bunch of money. Check out my 2020 bullet journal set up, where I am using a dot grid journal from Walmart. My very first journal was $5 from Michael’s!

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black bullet journal flat lay

#4 You have to start at the beginning of the year

This is a big myth when it comes to bullet journaling. My very first bullet journal I started in the middle of MAY. Not only was that far off from the beginning of the year, but I was also in the middle of a month. I just decided to jump in, and didn’t even wait for the start of the week to do it.

You can start a bullet journal any time of the year, of the month or the week. There are no rules because you are making the bullet journal work for YOU.

Monthly January spread, month at a glance and calendar for bullet journal

#5 You need to have a lot of free time for bullet journaling

Let’s face it. We all have a million things to juggle every day–kids, full time jobs, school and homework, etc. Sometimes getting an extra hour for ourselves is difficult. Well, luckily you don’t need to have a lot of extra time for bullet journaling. I spend about 5 minutes with mine most days. On Sundays I’ll spend about 15-20 minutes setting up the next weeks spread. It really does not take up as much time as you’d think.

The best way to overcome these 5 myths when it comes to bullet journaling is to just start! Let me know in the comments what is still holding you back and let’s work through it together.

Learn more about bullet journaling here.

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