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Bouncy Sans Serif Capital Letters Practice Sheets

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Brush lettering isn’t just for script letters. Grab these free bouncy sans serif capital letters practice sheets to help you learn a whole new style of brush lettering.

I’ve been playing around with different lettering styles lately and thought that it was time I shared these bouncy sans serif capitals. This style of lettering was created by dropping the x-height of each letter. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this post on lettering terminology. Basically it’s the midline of each letter. You can really tell on the G, H and K in the example below what I mean.

bouncy sans serif lettering on ipad

This leaves you with a funky version of everyday letters that is fun to use in different lettering pieces! I used a version of this sans serif lettering style on the Positive Vibes Only freebie from last month. I also like to use this style of lettering mixed with exaggerated lowercase vowels like the “E” in positive and vibes.

With any of my free practice sheetsI recommend printing them on a very smooth printer paper like this one. These sans serif practice sheets are great to use with a small tip brush pen, like the tombow fudenosuke. I always recommend this brush for beginners because it’s pretty easy to control. I personally like the stiffer tip, but the soft tip is great for these Sans Serif capitals too!

bouncy style of sans serif lettering on paper

If you prefer to practice Sans Serif Capital Letters on your iPad with the Procreate app, you’ll want to download the PDF to your iPad files. You could also take a screen shot of each page! Open them up in a new document within Procreate and from there you can reduce the opacity, add a layer on top and practice away!

lettering practice on an ipad

With any of the freebies here on the blog, these Sans Serif capital letters practice sheets are for personal use only. Please do not redistribute, sell or reproduce in any manner. For more on my policies, read here.

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I hope you enjoy this Sans Serif style as much as I do!! If you download and use these practice sheets I would LOVE to see! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @byamandakay so I can show you some love!

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bouncy sans serif capital letters

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