How to Use Tombow Colorless Blender Brush Pen ~ 3 Ways!

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Learn how to use Tombow colorless blender brush pen 3 different ways to create beautiful lettering blends and fun art pieces.

Skill level: Beginner

Time to Learn: 30 minutes

This week I am showing you how to use the Tombow colorless blender brush pen that comes in most 10 packs of Tombow dual brush pens. For the longest time I had no idea how to use this pen and I just shoved it in a drawer.

Then I started doing a little research on the Tombow website, as well as on Pinterest and Google and discovered there are a lot of fun ways to use this marker! I decided to share 3 of the most common ways to use Tombow colorless blender brush pens with you!

You can read the tutorial below, or if you’d rather watch these blending methods in action, you can watch the Youtube video at the end of the post.

How to Use Tombow Colorless Blender Brush Pen

Supplies Needed:

The basic 10 pack Tombow brush pen kits typically come with a colorless blender brush pen as part of the pack. You can also purchase the blending kit that has a blending palette, colorless blender brush pen, and a spray bottle.

Before we dive into the 3 different methods of blending with Tombow colorless blender brush pen, I want to let you know this one little tip. All Tombow brush pens are self cleaning, even the colorless blenders.

What does this mean? It means that even though I’m adding color to these blender pens, they will clean themselves of the color after a few strokes of the marker. It’s the same if you pick up a darker marker color with a light Tombow brush pen. After a few brush strokes, that darker color will fade out.

Method 1 – “Kiss” blending

This first method of blending with Tombow colorless blender brush pen is what I call the “kiss” method. It’s similar to the kiss method you use with two different Tombow brush pens, where you touch the tip of one pen to the tip of the other.

The difference is that instead of just touching, you’ll actually rub a little bit of color onto the colorless blender tip. In my example below, I have actually used two different colors, one dark blue and one light blue, to achieve this effect.

Method 2 – Direct Blending

The second method is my favorite method! You can blend a lighter and darker color together to create a beautiful ombre look. The first step is to write out a word in a light color. I’m using a light pink in my example.

Then add a small amount of the darker color at the top of the letters. I do one or two letters at a time to make blending them together a bit easier.

It’s important to note that with this method, you’ll absolutely need to use a thick (100lb at least) marker paper to achieve this. Using a thin piece of paper will result in the paper fraying or ripping. You also do not want to use watercolor color paper or other rough-textured paper because it will fray your brush pen tips really fast. Read more about paper types in this post.

Next, use the colorless blender brush pen to blend the darker color into the light to create an ombre effect. Try not to make large or heavy strokes. Treat the brush pen like an actual brush, and just feather the dark color into the light.

Method 3 – Mixed color blending

The final method of blending with a Tombow colorless blender is to use a Tombow Blending Palette or another type of laminated surface, to mix colors together. If you do not have a blending palette, you can also use a plastic sandwich bag, a laminated piece of paper, or a plastic paint palette.

The first step is to add some color to the blending palette with 2-3 colors like in the photo below. You’ll then run the colorless blender brush pen through those colors to pick up some of the ink.

Then simply use the colorless blender as a brush pen to letter with! It creates a fun streaky textured look using the colors.

Play around with how much or little you rotate the brush pen as you pick up color on the blending palette to see what sort of effect you get. You can also rotate the brush pen as you letter, creating various textures and mixes.

Which method above is your favorite? Don’t have time to read the tutorials, try watching the video showcasing each method of blending with Tombow colorless blenders below. If you like the video make sure you give it a thumbs up AND hit the subscribe button!

Watch the step-by-step tutorial video below to see the 3 ways to use Tombow colorless blender brush.

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  1. This tool holds a lot of power and even allows you to discover various effects in every stroke. That’s why it is one of my favorite art pens. Thank you for taking you time for writing this post.

  2. THANK YOU! I’ve watched so many videos that didn’t explain this quite the same. That self-cleaning info was exactly what I needed.

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