Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Ideas

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Minimalistic and easy to copy ideas to create your own bullet journal cleaning schedule so you can keep track of housework. 

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Something new I’ve started tracking in my bullet journal for 2020 are cleaning tasks. We all have certain things we need to get done daily, weekly and monthly. If you are like me and running in a ton of different directions all the time, then keeping track of those tasks is next to impossible. Luckily it’s easy to add a simple tracker or cleaning schedule to your bullet journal to help keep you organized.

Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule Ideas

My typical method of tracking my cleaning to do list is by having a space for it on my weekly spreads. This is by far the method I use most because it’s right there in my face for the week.

simple cleaning tracker within a weekly spread

These samples of cleaning schedules for bullet journals are very minimalist trackers, using mostly boxes and bulleted lists to convey the message. For the example below, I simply included a title, and then used a bulleted list to write out daily, weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly tasks to be completed. This specific cleaning schedule would work as both a monthly or yearly tracker. I’ve written out to the side of each weekly, bi-monthly and monthly task which day of the week or day of the month to do each task as a general guideline.

brief cleaning schedule for yearly reference
minimalist cleaning tracker for bullet journal

This cleaning tracker idea is an extremely minimalist approach. Number each day of the month down the left hand side of the page, and then list tasks across the top. Then simply fill in each day with an “x” when the task is complete. It’s simple to create and easy to flip back to and see when the monthly tasks were last done.

Another simple bullet journal cleaning schedule idea is to create a check box or grid that you fill in with color when each task is completed. The daily cleaning tasks get a box for each day of the month, the weekly get 1 box for each week, and so forth. For the monthly and bi-monthly tasks I prefer to write in the date that each one is done for easy reference.

cleaning log with check boxes for a bullet journal

Shelby of Little Coffee Fox shows you how to create a watercolor cleaning calendar for the entire year in your bullet journal. It’s not exactly a minimalist example but still simple enough to replicated. This cleaning schedule is a great spread that you can refer back to each week to make sure your get cleaning tasks completed!

Shelby Little Coffee Fox's cleaning calendar

Do you typically track your own cleaning schedule in your bullet journal? 

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