Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

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Organize your schedule to help you complete tasks with a bullet journal weekly spread. Here are 5 ideas that you can implement today.

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What is a weekly spread for bullet journaling?

Weekly spreads are one of the most common spreads you’ll find in a bullet journal, allowing you to track daily (or weekly) tasks, appointments and events. It serves the same purpose as a pre-made planner, however you can customize it to fit your scheduling needs.

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Alot of bullet journalers prefer to create a theme for each month and carry that theme through their weekly spreads. Personally, I prefer the minimalist approach and will stick to a color theme or just simple doodles if the mood strikes. Bullet journal weekly spreads can include just simple to-do list tasks, a menu, cleaning tracker, habit tracker, and so much more. Here are a few weekly spread ideas that I have used in my own bullet journal, as well as a few ideas from other creatives.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

Vertical Minimalistic Spread

The vertical minimalistic bullet journal layout is one that I used for quite some time. I respond well to lists, especially to-do lists, which is why bullet journaling works so well for me. I also prefer to include every task that needs done, no matter how specific, which is why the vertical layout worked so well for me. It allows for plenty of space to jot down tasks for the day, events or appointments. There is also room to include a menu, small habit tracker and cleaning list.

Minimalistic vertical boxes weekly layout for bullet journal

Horizontal Minimalistic Spread

The horizontal minimalistic spread is similar to the vertical, however, the horizontal layout doesn’t allow for as in-depth listing. This layout would work well to list your top 3 for each day, events and appointments, or just to act as a daily journal entry.

minimalistic horizontal boxes weekly layout for bujo

Master To-Do list

The Master To-Do list weekly spread is what I am currently using in my bullet journal. With two blogs to manage, school, a job and housework, the vertical spread was getting a little too cluttered for me. This layout features a space where I can write down a weekly to-do list for each blog, as well as a school assignment check list for each class.

Master to do list for bullet journal weekly spread

There is also a space for our weekly menu, the household tasks that need to be completed and a small section for a weekly brain dump. The master to-do list layout is completely customizable to suit your needs! Your spread could be one page per week, instead of two.

to do list weekly spread for bullet journals

Time-Blocking Spreads for Bullet Journals

If you work from home or just have a really hectic schedule, creating a time-block weekly tracker is a great way to stay organized and “batch” tasks together. I used this method to create bullet journal weekly spreads for a few months. It was really helpful to have blocks of time for certain tasks, like content creation, or administrative tasks. Keep yourself organized by setting a timer so that you don’t get lost in whatever you are working on.

Time-blocking weekly layout

Shelby from Little Coffee Fox also has a time-block spread she created that is a little more relaxed. Instead of an hourly layout, she created a morning, afternoon and evening block. This is also a great idea to keep your entire day organized and to make sure you aren’t over-scheduling yourself.

Little Coffee Fox's time block weekly bullet journal spread

Which spread idea would work best for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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