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Give that coffee lover on your list a set of these fun hand lettered cork coasters! Cork is easy to letter on and doesn’t require any special pens!

Hand Lettered Coasters Cover

For the upcoming holiday season, I will be sharing some easy hand lettered craft ideas! First up on the list are these fun hand lettered cork coasters!

If you are looking for a great hand lettered gift idea for the holidays that you can make in no time, then you will definitely want to try these cork coasters! Cork is actually very easy to letter on with just a Sharpie Marker, making this DIY gift idea inexpensive to create.

But First Coffee cork coaster

Hand Lettered Cork Coasters

Items You’ll Need:

With any hand lettering craft, I always start by creating a mockup. For these hand lettered coasters I took a sheet of paper and traced around the outside of the coaster. This created a circle slightly larger than the coaster itself so I can fit my lettering inside of it. Doing this gives me a great starting point for making any of my hand lettered crafts!

I made a sketch of each quote, then using a light pad I traced over those sketches in ink. This is what I ended up with.

coffee quotes thumbnail sketches

After you have a starting point, it’s easy to transfer that idea to the cork coasters! Do a light sketch first in pencil on the cork to get the placement right.

pencil outline on cork coaster

Then go over the pencil in Sharpie. I recommend using the Sharpie Extreme marker because these coasters will be exposed to moisture and/or heat. Sharpie Markers hold up really well too, but the Extreme is made to take a little abuse.

sharpie filled in coffee please

For these hand lettered cork coasters, I used the faux calligraphy method. So after drawing out the initial design with a sharpie, I went back and filled in all of the downstrokes! This is a great way to get a brush lettered look without a brush pen!

hand lettered cork coasters

If you don’t want to hand letter, check out these SVG files you can use with a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo to make a stencil instead!

cork coasters coffee please

Aren’t these cork coasters just so cute? Any coffee lover on your gift list would LOVE to receive a set and they will feel special that you took the time to letter just for them!

coffee cork coasters

What other coffee quotes would you add to these hand lettered cork coasters?

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  1. Good morning! I’m reading these instructions and love how easy you make this sound! One step that I’m confused on is this one. “After you have a starting point, it’s easy to transfer that idea to the cork coasters! Do a light sketch first in pencil on the cork to get the placement right.”
    How are you doing the sketch in pencil? I pretend I’m crafty, but this sketch onto cork step is lost on me. Can you help dumb it down just a hair more? I appreciate your help!

    1. Sure! I just went off of my mockup and freehanded the design onto the cork in pencil. However, you could also use some graphite paper under your design (if you have a sketch or a print out), and trace over the design to transfer it onto the cork. I hope that helps!

  2. I was looking up on the internet to find a solution for bleeding Permanent Markers on cork. I wrote on cork with permanent markers and someone grabbed it or put something wet on out and now the ink is bleeding. Tried Modpodge to seal it and it got even worse. Any ideas?

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