How to Draw a 3D Block Letter in Procreate

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Learn how to draw a 3D block letter in the Procreate App with this step by step process and video.

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Want to learn how to draw a 3D block letter in the Procreate app? It’s easier to do than it sounds! I created a simple video that lays out each step and layer needed to achieve this 3D block letter with texture pictured below.

finished 3d block letter A on ipad

This tutorial goes through each step of the process of drawing 3D letters and uses only brushes found in The Lettering Toolkit for Procreate brush pack that is available on Design Cuts. The brush pack includes over 290 different brushes to help you create one of a kind pieces!

in process 3d block letter A on an iPad

Watch the How to Draw a 3D Letter in Procreate Video

If you want to follow along with this 3D letter tutorial for Procreate, then you’ll need the hex codes for each color used and the names of each brush used.

Hex Codes for colors

  • Medium Purple (base layer)- #8519ae
  • Light Purple (outline)- #d07eef
  • Dark Purple (inner shadow)- #370049
  • Pink (gradient texture)- #ff0087
  • Navy (extrusion)- #4117ae
  • Dark Navy (extrusion texture)- 2c0f75
  • Light teal (background)- #63faed
  • Teal (background texture)- #00e2cf

Brushes used from Lettering Toolkit

  • Ball Point (under pens)
  • Gradier 09 (under decorators)
  • Cross Hatch Shader 02 (under shaders)
  • Spray Paint Medium (under graffiti)

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