The Best Resources for Fonts and Graphics

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Find out where the pros go when they need a new font or a cool graphic and they don’t feel like creating their own. These are the best resources for fonts and graphics that come with personal or commercial licenses.

If you’ve ever wondered where to find fun and exciting fonts or graphics then this post is just for you. Sure you can go to google and search for a graphic, or download a font from some sketchy site for free and think you are set. What you may not know or realize though, is that if you ever want to use those fonts or graphics from something other than making something for yourself, you can’t (legally).

Why is that? Well, generally those images or fonts have different licenses. So before we get into the best resources for fonts and graphics, let’s first talk about different licenses and what they may mean. Please note that each site or even an individual designer’s license may be different from another so always be sure to read the full documentation before buying, downloading and using a design.

Personal Use License

Personal Use license means just that. You can use the font, graphic, mockup or design for things that only you will use personally. This means you cannot use that font or design on something you plan to sell or profit from in any way (generally even blogs). Most of the time free fonts and graphics will come with a personal use only license but there are for purchase designs that may have one as well. Always, always, always assume something is personal use unless you find clear and direct wording otherwise.

Commercial Use License

Commercial Use licenses will vary on what is allowed and what isn’t. Most commercial licenses will allow you to use fonts in any type of project that is for profit as long as you aren’t distributing the installable font file with the design. This means I can create a cut file, printable or even a logo, using the font and then sell that for a profit. What it doesn’t allow is me selling a logo template that has the direct, installable font file within that template.

Graphics and designs can be a little more tricky and will vary from site to site so be sure the read the terms carefully. As a general rule, most commercial licensed graphics will allow you to use them in a physical product for sale, think t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillowcases, etc. Those are physical products that are being sold for profit. Where the line gets grayed is when you are using graphics in a digital product for sale–think stickers, printable art, etc. Some commercial licenses clearly state this is not allowed, while others say it’s alright as long as the original graphic is part of a bigger, completely different design. Then there are some that say it’s ok as long as you don’t sell more than a certain amount of that digital product.

The take away is that before selling a product, digital or otherwise, that uses purchased graphics or fonts, always make sure to read the license terms carefully. Don’t assume that because you bought something means you have the right to use it however you want for resale.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way, I know you are dying to read where I find those fun fonts and pretty graphics right?

The Best Resources for Fonts and Graphics

Creative Market

Creative Market was one of the first resources I used to find fonts and graphics. When you create an account you will automatically get their Monday Freebie emails (that’s what I call them). Every Monday they have 6 fonts/designs/templates/graphics that you can download for free. Each freebie comes with their standard license which is a bit more limiting than a traditional commercial license. Plus after you’ve bought a design you get lifetime updates. So if the designer adds something to the graphic pack or design template, you get a notification that it’s been updated.

The Hungry Jpeg

I’ve been using The Hungry Jpeg for several years. They have a great commercial use license that is clearly worded. They also offer tons of freebies that come with their commercial license with a new one every week. Then there are the font or graphic bundles they release each month, which is a curated bundle with tons of different fonts and designs that is extremely discounted. Usually 80%-90% off what you’d pay if you bought each font or graphic individually. I also love The Hungry Jpeg for it’s amazing sales and $1 deals. I probably buy something new from the site each month or two.

Font Bundles and Design Bundles

These are two different sites but owned by the same company. Font Bundles sells fonts only, while Design Bundles concentrates on graphics, designs and templates. They both also offer a new bundle each month and tons of freebies that come with their commercial use license. They also offer a Plus Membership which is $4.99/mo for one site and $7.99/mo for both. Then each Friday a new design and font is added to the site for only plus members. This is a great way to slowly build up your commercial use font and graphic collection for not a lot of money.

Design Cuts

I am still new to using Design Cuts, but they also offer some great resources at a reasonable price with a commercial use license. They send you a freebie with each new bundle they release. The freebie will also be shown in a “real life” use with great tutorials for beginners.

Free Fonts/Graphics

If you are looking for free fonts, DaFont and FontSquirrel are great places to find fonts. Just remember these fonts are for you to use for items around your house. They are not to be used to sell items or profit from in any way.

You can also find free graphics and mockups from DesignerMill with new designs added all the time. Some designs have no use restrictions while others are for personal use only. Another place to find vector graphics is

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