DIY Boho Easter Basket Bunny Name Tag

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Learn how to create your own Easter Basket Bunny Name Tag using the m1 craft laser from xTool in this step-by-step tutorial.

Skill level: Advanced

Time to Learn: 45 minutes

Finished Easter basket with a purple boho laser cut bunny name tag

I recently became the proud owner of an m1 craft laser from xTool and I am so excited to share some projects I’ve been working on. Full disclosure; I was sent the m1 by xTool to test out and write about, but all opinions are my own! I only share products I love using, and this one is no exception.

Craft laser m1 by xTool sitting on a white 6 drawer cart

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With Easter just around the corner, I decided to use my new tool to create a cute boho-inspired bunny name tag for my daughter’s Easter basket. This was a fairly straightforward project, but to make it even easier for you to replicate, I’m sharing the design files. They are linked in the supply list below.

How to Make an Easter Basket Bunny Name Tag

Supplies Needed:

My daughter, Finley, has an “F” decoration hanging on a wall in her bedroom that inspired this bunny name tag project. The F has a rattan/cane look pattern laser cut out of it with a thin border surrounding it to make it look 3-dimensional. (Psst…here’s the link to it on Etsy)

With that in mind, I took a look at some of the patterns available in the xTool Creative Space software. The software has a lot of shapes and patterns to choose from, which is always nice when you aren’t sure where to start for projects!

xTool Creative Space available patterns

I wasn’t able to find an easy way to use the pattern I chose as a clipping mask using Creative Space, so I ended up saving the pattern, and bringing it into Adobe Illustrator. Then I overlaid the pattern on a bunny silhouette and was able to do a “minus front” subtraction to leave the bunny silhouette with the pattern cut out.

After that, I brought the SVG file back into Creative Space, as well as the original bunny silhouette. I used the “outline” tool to create an outline on the bunny silhouette set at 5. This will make the raised border surrounding the patterned bunny when both pieces are glued together.

Boho bunny name tag design in xTool Creative Space

Then the two pieces were cut using the 3mm basswood plywood setting. When the laser is finished, make sure everything is cut through before you remove it from the laser bed, so if you need to make another pass, everything is in the same place.

I originally planned to leave the tag as bare wood, but since I have yet to install my air assist, there was some scorching on the wood. This is likely due to the quality of the craft wood I used, paired with such an intricate design. When I’ve cut larger pieces, the scorching is not as noticeable.

Laser cut bunny silhouettes with boho pattern

Instead, I chose to paint the two pieces purple (my daughter’s current favorite color). I used acrylic paint pens for this, but acrylic paint and a brush would work just fine. I then hand lettered her name using a Micron 5 pen and faux calligraphy. Since the wood was painted first, there wasn’t any bleeding when writing her name. If you will not be painting the wood, I’d recommend using a clear sealer spray like this one first to avoid any bleeding.

Once the paint dried, I used a small amount of Gorilla Glue to glue the two pieces together, and “clamped” them to dry using binder clips.

Purple painted bunny silhouette with boho pattern laser cut out, and bunny outline clamped together with binder clips

After that, it was easy to attach the bunny name tag to her Easter basket using some jute twine. Since we reuse her basket each year, this is a nice personalized touch! I could even paint it a new color next year when she decides her favorite color is something else.

Close up of finished laser cut boho bunny name tag on an Easter basket

My daughter is just 2 1/2 this year, so she doesn’t fully grasp the concept of the Easter bunny. For now, she’s just happy to get new little items that she can play with for a few minutes and quickly lose interest in 🙂 The books will be the biggest hit!

Easter basket with pink lining, filled with toys and books, with a laser cut boho bunny tag on the front

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